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Sunday, May 17, 2015

A return of Kislev. 2015

My last real update on my Kislev was on August 2013.  It was about my painting challenge.  I did some Kislev/Poles/Russians but still failed the painting challenge in the end.  After that I did some WAB followed by a year plus on Epic 40k (covered in my other blog).  Now with my epic completed, I am back to Warmaster again although I am not sure if I will finish an entire army before moving to another project.

The above is my painted force to date, most of them were done during the painting challenge in 2013 but the archers were only done recently. I have used a simplistic way to base my archers, but am not fully decided if I am using this technique for the entire force.

Anyway my target is to have in addition to the above, 6 units of Kislev/Cossacks completed and (a stretched goal) of 2 units of steppe cavalry completed by September 2014.  Let's see how.


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