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Monday, April 15, 2013

Byzantine Javelinmen!

I have not been posting in this historical painting blog for a long time because I have been busy.  And now finally after about two months of preparation, I have finished (not totally, but to the extent I would like) the first of my Byzantine Psiloi units (I usually call them Byzantine skirmishers as that’s what they essentially meant).

This unit is equipped with javelins and bucklers. However as I have not really decided which company should I buy the bucklers from, several of the minis will have to go “shieldless” for now.

The minis are a mixture of Gripping Beast and Wargame Factory miniatures.  I decide to use Wargame factory minis because the Gripping Beast metals are just too expensive especially once we take the 25% shipping fees into the consideration.  It turn out that my decision proved to be a wise one the moment I received these minis form UK.  I noticed that the poses are quite unique and interesting so it will look weird so we have the same 4 poses repeatedly over 18 models.  Another point is that the Gripping Beast Psiloi seemed to look thinner than their cavalry counterparts.  Due to these three reasons, I stick to my original plan to convert my own psiloi using the Wargames Factory minis.

Strictly speaking, the Wargames Factory minis look the part.  I find the differences in the dresses of the minis from both companies to be negligible.  The only weak point of my Wargames factory conversions were the heads.  I made use of artistic licence to model on more helmeted heads than usual and added the leather padding that I am so found of in Byzantine heavy infantry.

Oh I nearly forgot to mention, the parts I used for conversion are from the Wargames Factory Persian Infantry with some heads and weapons (especially javelins and slings) from the Numidian Light infantry sprues.

All in all, I am happy with my work.  I have also converted 18 archers and 9 slingers and will paint them concurrently with my Eldar D cannons and Sister Repentias over the next few months.


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