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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Norman Knights

As mentioned previously, I bought some Norman Knights from Conquest Games. I received the minis recently. The minatures are quite good with the exception of the horse which are slightly out of proportion in the rear imo (I believe this is to allow the riders to fit comfortably). Generally I will say it is still a good attempt and it is just slightly inferior to the current GW plastics. The weapons are a bit thin and fragile though, so be careful.

There are a total of 4 spures, 1 command and 3 identical "basic" sprues. The command consist of a champion in mail and 2 lightly armored bodies for musician and banner bearer. For the basic sprue, there are 4 bodies each of which one of them is not cladded in mail.

I like the sprues very much and the lightly armored bodies can be easily used for conversions into light cavalry (Perry out!). In my opinion, buying merely 1 box is not enough, get two or three!!!

Anyway here are the picctures for the sprues. I will not be working on them yet though as I am rushing some GW stuff for games. I will do these up once the more urgent projects are finished...(which includes the Cataphracts Archers that have also arrived).


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