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Saturday, July 10, 2010

How I do my horses

Some people have asked me questions on the way I do my horses. Allow me to present my method.

The picture below shows the preparation stage, all the way from a model on a green base to one that is based.

THe first thing to note about Gripping Beast minis is that they come with a relatively tall base. This implies that is it absolutely necessary to apply some green stuff to make the base more even, as seen in the picture above. The steps after that will be the standard basing techniques (white glue, sand, then a coat of watered down white glue).

The following step is to paint. The picture belows shows the various stages that I took, all the unpainted stage to the finished model.

Step 1: Undercoat the model
Step 2: Basecoat with scorched brown
Step 3: Highlight the raised muscle areas with bestial bestial brown. It may look quite wrong at first, but allow the paint to dry and you will realise that it will contrast nicely with the basecoat. It is actually useful to have some knowledge of the horse's muscular structure here, which I unfortunately lack.
Step 4: Do the details like stripes, reins, tassles etc This is also a time to rectify any mistakes.

Note that I have not painted the base yet. This is because I have yet to decide on the colors. I am not sure if I wanted to do a base representing the Thracian landscape or one representing Anatolia.


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