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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Byzantine Kavallarioi (Cavalry) work in progress

My byzantine cavalry men are still WIP but I have finished a majority of them and leaving only the command group and shields left (don't ask me why they have 4 command just happen to be this way). My original plan was to finish the whole unit over the weekend but I was too exhausted by the time the rank and file were completed. They are actually quite fun to do. One may notice that the color scheme is a bit dark. Rather than my usual technique of choosing a dull color and highlighting, I have chosen instead to shade down the models even more. I feel that such a dark color scheme is more suitable for historicals. The scab red trappings help to break the monotony. I was reluctant to use scab red initially as my decision was to reserve red for the more elite troops. However scab red is really too good for this role! I also reasoned that I will be using blood red for my elites so it is not that bad. Finally Kavallarioi are also elites to a lesser degree (especially so in the Paleolagi Dynasty army).

These troops are actually quite decent, I give them a 4+ save so that they can charge 16 inches and outrange all other heavy cavalry. In addition they are Byzantine Superior Cavalry under BTGG rules or Eastern Shock Cavalry in Vlad the Impaler. This allow them to do the chessy charge-fall back-charge trick. And in BTGG, they can even reroll to hit in the turn they charge!

Here is a pic depicting the painting progress.

Here are some pictures of the "typical" cavalryman and his steed.


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