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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finally something new

Yes, I was away for a long time.  That is because I had been busy finishing my WHFB stuff and now that those are finally done, I can work on historicals again.

Below are some pictures of my Byzantine Light Kavallarioi.  Some may recognise that they are unarmored Norman Knights form Conquest Games.  Due to a tight budget (and also as an opportunity to test out the plastic goodies), I have converted them into Byzantines.  Some may argue that these guys looks generic and unarmored at all.  Indeed I am using them as unarmored cavalrymen.  The idea is that these are the border themata troops at the poor regions and are not supplied with armor.

The assembling stage, what a mess

Completed! But I intend to do 5 more in Oct-Nov
Another view of a lone warrior

Ah Ha! Who are these guys.  I have dedicated 9 Numidian Archers for my painting challenge in Sep.  So look out for these guys next!!!


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