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Friday, August 23, 2013

Of Steppes and Deserts

I mentioned in my other blog that I am moving onto Warmaster.  The main reason is that it will allow me to play Warmaster with my friends but secondly it also allow me to try other rulesets like "By Fire and Sword".
It is a pleasant surprise to me about 2 weeks ago when I had my 1st warmaster game that I realise that Warmaster allow me to have games very often in my HDB flat!  A luxury that fantasy and 40k are unable to provide.

So I thus plunge deep into Warmaster.  In order to secure the OOP beautiful GW minis, I had also bought most of my 2nd army, Araby.  The Araby will not only serve as Warmaster Arabs but their spearmen and archer units will also be used for my By Fire and Sword battles (my fire and sword battles will be fought between Polish-Lithuanian and Tartars with Cossacks swinging on both sides).  A slight disappointment was that the Arab Knights had all run out and in order to prevent a similar tragedy, I have also secured most of my vehicles required for epic 40k! (the infantry will be WW1 Germans).

What a lot of miniatures.  I actually spend a small fortune in this month, something that I took many years to spend for 28mm gaming.  However I see it as a one time investment and to be honest due to some mis-communication and my circumstances months ago, I should have started Warmaster earlier so as to secure those Arab Knights.

So now that I have lots of miniatures, I better get them painted rite.  To achieve this, I have arranged for a painting challenge with the Namly group.  I intend to do 1 base of stuff per week and given that there are approximately 18 more weeks to the year end,  I will be able to paint 6 units.

Here are the minis that I aim to paint by the end of the year

2 units of HA
1 bear
1 Red Guard (Musketeers)
2 Archer
1 War Wagon (if all the parts come in) - 2 bases only

if you count carefully there are actually 20 bases, but 1 base of HA has already been painted and the War wagon is actually a stretched target.  One thing to note is that I may change this list if i grew bored (but still committed to 6 units by yr end), or if the infantry from Pendraken prove to be unsatisfactory and I need to find alternatives.

Oh and the guys actually wanted proof.  So here is the pic of the stuff i painted so far.  By end of the year I should have 18 more bases of stuff in addition to these.

Painted so far are 4 bases of horse archers and 3 bases of bears.  Need 18 more bases by year end!!!


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